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Team Bio

Welcome to Dragons Den


Update: We are now expanding towards Valorant (see below)!


Who are we?

We are a small newly created community & esports group looking to expand towards players who are tired of solo queue or who wants to go towards the competitive scene.

What kind of players are we looking for?


We are currently looking for 1 entry fragger for the R6 Team and we have many slots open for the Valorant team


R6 Team Requirements:

*Be plat 3-2 rank or equivalent skill level

* 18+ years of age

*Be a SERIOUS team player who is willing to listen to team strats for certain sites.

*Have the desire to improve

*Be active on a near daily basis

*Learn how to work together with fellow members

*Players who are flexible that can take criticism and improve

*Have very good map knowledge of the game

*Players who can follow callouts and such when needed

*Preferably have at least 1+ years of experience or 1000+ hours.


Valorant Team Requirements:

We are also looking for players on the Valorant team. Requirements are similar to R6 or another 5v5 FPS game.

If you believe that you fit the following criteria, then

Apply for our team on our discord server


Discord Server:


Server: https://discord.gg/frmxz9d

Minimum Age: 13

Upcoming Events

No events scheduled

Events are part of the premium subscription. Premium teams can create public and private events.



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