Team Details
  • Owner Draco-.
  • Created Aug 31, 2019
  • United States, North America
  • PC
  • Platinum III

Welcome to Dragons Den


Who are we?

We are a small community & clan group looking to expand towards players who are tired of solo queueing in ranked and our goal is to eventually create a community large enough where we can consistently find 5 stacks on a near daily basis.

What kind of players are we looking for?

*Be plat 3-2 rank or equivalent skill level

*Have the desire to improve

*Be active on a near daily basis

*Learn how to work together with fellow members


Apply for our clan on our discord server


Discord Servers:




Data Centers
  • US East eus
  • US Central cus
  • US South Central scus
  • US West wus
  • Ranked