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  • Owner TPU
  • Created Oct 12, 2019
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum II


The Piss Ups is a community orientated discord who enjoy playing games and having a laugh more than any sort of hierarchy or moderation (its in the name). You're free to be who you want, play what you want and pretty much do and say what you want, We were founded based on that ideology, having left a big 'community' before that had nothing community orientated about it, in our opinion, instead preferring censorship and dictation. So much so, that over 80 people left all at once to start up this discord. Our own community.

Siege is our most active game with players ranging from low gold to high plat and active competitive players. most of us play with the intent of improving our skills and ranking up but we can have a laugh and a joke. we are looking for players who will take the game seriously when required but will also be laugh when its not.

dont be an offensive twat. Most of us are all friends here and want it to stay that way

18+ desired but not required no application needed


Be sure to grab your siege role on the way in.

Data Centers
  • EU North neu
  • Casual
  • Ranked